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Physical Activity Pie


New recommendation 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018. 

New weekly physical activity recommendation in Finland is available only in Finnish at the moment. Visualization in English is coming.  

Physical Activity Pie

The UKK Institute’s Physical Activity Pie is a visual guideline for health-enhancing physical activity for adults (aged 18—64).

The Physical Activity Pie for health-enhancing physical activity is based on the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, published in 2008. 

The Physical Activity Pie encapsulates the following recommendation 

  • Health is promoted by moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity of at least 10 minutes that accumulates throughout a week to a total of at least 2 h 30 min per week.
  • An alternative is more-demanding, vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity with an accumulation of at least 1 h 15 min per week.
  • In addition, everyone needs muscle-strengthening and balance training at least twice a week.

Notice also this 

  • Activities with different levels of physical demand can be combined according to a person’s own degree of physical fitness. 
  • It is good to divide physical activity into several, at least three, days a week.
  • From the perspective of health, even a small amount of regular physical activity is better than none at all.

Improve aerobic fitness 

The physical demand of aerobic training can be chosen according to a person’s own basic level of fitness and his or her objective. Moderate physical activity for at least 2.5 hours a week is enough for beginners and those practicing health-enhancing physical activity.

Suitable forms of activity are walking and cycling (e.g., in commuting to and from work and in taking care of everyday needs), swimming, or heavy house and yard work.

Those who are used to physical activity and are physically fit need more-demanding physical activities to increase their physical fitness, but they need to spend only half the time for results i.e., at least 1 h 15 min per week.

The types of activities can be, for example, uphill walking or climbing stairs, running, cross-country skiing, and water running. Fast racket games and running ball games, as well as aerobics, are group activities that improve endurance.

Aerobic training develops cardiorespiratory endurance and promotes the health of the heart, circulation, and lungs. The balance of blood lipid and glucose improves, and physical activity also helps control the weight.

Develop muscular strength and balance 

In addition to aerobic training, a person needs physical activity that increases muscular strength and improves balance at least twice a week. It is recommended that 8 to 10 movements that strengthen the large muscle groups should be performed and that these movements should be repeated 8 to 12 times.

Training at home, or in a fitness center and sequence training are suitable for this purpose. Ball games, skating, and dancing develop coordination and balance. Regular stretching helps maintain flexibility.

The Physical Activity Pie 

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Last updated: 23.5.2022

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