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The UKK Institute’s website provides health-related information for both the general public and professional use. All the more, several research-based tools and products have been developed in order to advance health-enhacing physical activity.

Products and Tools 

At the UKK Institute’s website we publish reliable health-related information for the general public as well as for experts working in health care and sports. On the basis of scientific research we have developed several products and tools to promote health-enhancing physical activity in the UKK Institute. Click the tool titles for more information.

Physical Activity Pie

  • The Physical Activity Pie chart is a visual documentation of the recommendation for health-enhancing physical activity for adults aged 18–64. 

Physical Activity Prescription 

  • Physical Activity Prescription is a tool for the physicians to initiate discussion about physical activity with the patient and to refer the patient to other health or exercise professional for more detailed action-planning and follow-up. 

UKK Walk Tests: 2 km and 6 minutes 

  • The UKK 2 km Walk Test is a simple and safe physical fitness test designed to measure cardiorespiratory fitness of adults. 
  • UKK Six-minute Walk Test is an easy and safe tool for predicting cardiorespiratory fitness of healthy adults in field conditions.

UKK Health-Related Fitness Test Battery 

  • The UKK Health-Related Fitness test is scientifically developed and safe test battery for adults. 


  • FINFIT tests are selected tests to be used in population-level monitoring. 

Smartly Commuting Workplace 

  • Smartly Commuting Workplace is an electronic tool for workplaces to promote work-related sustainable mobility. 


Material for health promotion available in English in the UKK Institute’s webpages in Finnish. 


Further Education 

UKK Institute’s further education provides the latest study-based information to social, health care and physical activity experts working in the well-being field, sport organizations as well as teaching and specialist positions.

The main emphasis is on physical activity and physical activity counselling which enhances health and prevents diseases. Our aim is to improve the local physical activity services and physical activity counselling services designed for those are physically inactive.

We provide the participants with concrete tools and practices suitable for their own work. Interaction with researchers enables applying the information in practice.

Thanks to our online education and blended learning solutions, more professionals are able to take part in the UKK Institute’s education. Education can be organized online or at the UKK Institute or elsewhere in Finland as agreed.

Last updated: 15.1.2021

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