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The website of The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research provides health-related information for both the general public and professional use. All the more, several research-based tools and products have been developed in order to advance health-enhacing physical activity.

Physical Activity Recommendations in Finland

There are altogether six versions of the physical activity recommendations for different target groups:

  • children and adolescents aged 7 to 17 years
  • working-age adults
  • elderly people over the age of 65
  • adults with functional limitations
  • pregnant persons
  • persons at less than a year after delivery

Find pictures, brochures and other support materials through the recommendation webpages, or in our webshop.

Tools on Physical Activity Recommendations

The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research has produced tools for identifying physical activity habits, comparing them with the recommendations and drafting physical activity plans in order to promote physical activity among citizens. Try out the new online application and utilise the physical activity recommendation forms with customers or on your own.

Fitness Tests

The fitness test available in English include:

  • UKK 6-minute Walk Test
  • UKK 2 km Walk Test
  • FINFIT Tests
  • UKK Health-Related Fitness Test

Other Health Promotion Materials

The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research produces several materials also in English, including KaatumisSeula® tools and Physical Activity Prescription (PAP). Different materials can be found also in our webshop – freely available for downloading and printing.


Further Education 

The further education organized by The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research provides the latest study-based information to social, health care and physical activity experts working in the well-being field, sport organizations as well as teaching and specialist positions.

The main emphasis is on physical activity and physical activity counselling which enhances health and prevents diseases. Our aim is to improve the local physical activity services and physical activity counselling services designed for those are physically inactive.

We provide the participants with concrete tools and practices suitable for their own work. Interaction with researchers enables applying the information in practice.

Thanks to our online education and blended learning solutions, more professionals are able to take part in the education by The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research. Education can be organized online or somewhere in Finland as agreed.

Last updated: 16.5.2024

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