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KaatumisSeula Tools to Prevent Falls


KaatumisSeula® was found to be a feasible approach to screen the fall risk of older adults and implement preventive measures in community. New tools created for fall risk screening and informing evidence-based preventive measures make it possible for NGOs and non-professionals to co-operate with professionals.

Fall Risk Assessment 

Fall risk assessment 2, kuvituskuva.

Fall Risk Assessment is designed to recognize and evaluate fall risk factors. The assessment form is based on self-evaluation, and older adults should fill it themselves.

There are two different versions of the assessment form according to use.

Version 2 is intended to be used by social and healthcare professionals in situations where personal counselling is possible, such as reception work or physical activity counselling.

If you are aiming to use the form at large events or group activities, choose version 1. It is particularly suitable for employers of third sector NGOs. 

You can also use the instructions how to use Fall Risk Assessment Form. 

Checklist of Risk Factors for Falls 

Checklist, kuvituskuva.

The checklist introduces risk factors that one can contribute to and thus affect one’s risk of falling.

It can be distributed at different events or filled in groups. The list can also be handed out to be filled by the clients first, after which the answers can be reviewed together.

Ten Ways to Prevent Falls 

10 ways to prevent falls, kuvituskuva.

10 Ways to Prevent Falls is a material that presents 10 research-based means for fall prevention.

The material is suitable for distribution at various events and to be used as a means for initiating conversation e.g. in group activities. 

Exercise Guide 

Excercise Guide, kuvituskuva.

With the help of KaatumisSeula Exercise Guide older people can be encouraged to start exercising safely. There are two different exercises on the front page of the guide, and Weekly Physical Activity Recommendation for over 65-year-olds can be found on the back page.

The Exercise Guide material can be distributed at different events. 

KaatumisSeula®-tools are available also in Finnish and Swedish.

Last updated: 31.8.2022

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