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Online Application on Physical Activity Recommendations

UKK Institute’s online application on physical activity recommendations helps to assess whether your customer’s habits meet the physical activity recommendation.

The application helps your customer to find out

  • whether they get enough physical activity
  • whether they sleep enough
  • how active their everyday life is.

“Assess your activity” online application also

  • gives brief feedback on each area of the physical activity recommendation
  • produces a visual summary of the user’s situation
  • offers information on the importance of each area for health and well-being
  • guides to see tips on how to improve the situation, if there is a need for it.

It has user paths for

  • 18−64-year-olds
  • over 65-year-olds
  • pregnant adults
  • adults at less than a year after delivery
  • adults with functional limitations and adults who use assistive devices or a wheelchair.

Please note that the application is not intended for people under the age of 18.

The online application can be used free of charge on computers and mobile phones.

The application is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Last updated: 31.8.2022

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