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First aid and treatment of sport-related injuries

The guidelines for first aid and treatment related to sport-related injuries have been updated. This replaces the previous ICE (ice-compression-elevation) guidelines.

Sport-related injury immediate care and subsquent 
management -infographic. The text of the infographic is opened on the website.

Immediate care after the injury (PEACE)

P: Protect

Avoid activities and movements that increase pain during the first few days after injury.

E: Elevate

Elevate the injured limb higher than the heart as often as possible.

A: Avoid

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications as the reduce tissue healing. Avoid icing.

C: Compress

Use elastic bandage or taping to reduce swelling.

E: Educate

Your body knows best. Avoid unnecessary passive treatments and medical investigations and let nature play its role.

Subsquent management after the first days (LOVE)

L: Load

Let pain guide your gradual return to normal ativities. Your body will tell you when its’s safe to increase load.

O: Optimism

Condition your brain for optimal recovery by being confident and positive.

V: Vascularisation

Choose pain-free cardiovascular activities to increase blood flow to repairing tissues.

E: Exercise

Restore mobility, strength and proprioception by adopting an active approach to recovery.


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