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HEPA Europe Webinars 2018

 Webinar series held in collaboration with HEPA Europe and The UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research.  

PEROSH and Well-being at Work 

Presented by members of the PEROSH WB group 

Webinar held on September 27, 2018 

PEROSH stands for Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health. One of the joint research projects run from the PEROSH network deals with Well-being at Work, within which scientific representatives from five European countries have developed a set of initiatives aimed at improving working lives.

During this webinar, members of the PEROSH WB group presented an overview of PEROSH and focused on its well-being programme. In particular, the PEROSH perspective of Well-being, ”good jobs”, the Well-being ”Tree” and the Well-being at Work conference series which will see its 5th edition in 2019.

Missed the webinar? Want to review the content? 

Watch an unedited recording. Lecture duration 57 minutes. 

Monitoring the state of workplace HEPA promotion: An example from Finland 

PhD, senior advisor Matleena Livson, The Finnish Olympic Committee 

Webinar held on May 23, 2018 

The Employee Exercise Barometer has been conducted almost biannually since 2002. The data is collected by interviewing a sample of employees and employers on how HEPA is promoted in their workplaces.

The monitoring shows that HEPA has been supported in most workplaces over the years with increasing monetary investment. However, there are severe gaps in the systematic planning and evaluation of the implementation.

Join the 45-minute webinar to learn more about how the Barometer is being carried out; what the key findings are from 2017 and how the findings are being utilized in Finnish workplace HEPA promotion.

The webinar is part of the HEPA Europe’s working group “Workplace HEPA Promotion” activities and provided by the UKK institute for Health Promotion Research.

Webinar recording is freely available.

Missed the webinar? Want to review the content? 

Watch an unedited recording. Lecture duration 57 minutes. 

Read more about the collaboration with WHO HEPA Europe 

Last updated: 16.5.2024

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