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European Union Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring System 2018-2020

The aim of the EUPASMOS project was to implement a harmonized physical activity and sport monitoring system, through the development of an integrated and shared methodological process that will provide comparable, valid and reliable physical activity and sport participation data across EU Member States ( 

As a part of the EUPASMOS project 16 members conducted a validation study where they compared four physical actitvity questionnaires with each other and with accelerometer data. The questionnaires were International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ), European Health Interview Survey Physical Activity Questionnaire (EHIS-PAQ) and the physical activity questions of the Eurobarometer. 

Besides the questionnaires physical activity and sedentary behavior of the participants were measured 24/7 with the UKK RM42 accelerometer (UKK Terveyspalvelut, Oy, Tampere).  

The results of the EUPASMOS project can be found: 


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